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The Talent

With a graphic and animation background, Yann Secouet now spends his life making cars look great.

Educated in England and France, Yann graduated in graphic design and animation.
After working at MKD London, Yann was asked to join the founders of Kemistry, the award-winning Branding and Communications Agency. Work and Awards followed, with a blue-chip client list. Yann’s skills in animation and his extensive knowledge of post –production techniques enable him to translate his vision across all fields of film-making, combining animation, graphics and live action in a ground-breaking vision.
Starting his career creating title sequences for feature films, such as ‘Entrapment’, and broadcast television networks across the globe, Yann is equally at home on location or in an edit suite.

Yann’s mastery of animation, combined with live action and post-production skills make a unique combination. Yann supports both Client and Agency with precise pre-production planning and extensive pre-visualisation, allowing the Client to know and understand exactly what the final product will look like.

Yann has worked extensively for Saab. His initial work for their exhibitions and branding promotions was quickly transferred to their international advertising campaigns. His latest work, for the Aero X has been the centrepiece of their international promotions.

The International Work

Yann has filmed in Spain, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Australia, the USA and Canada.

The Clients

Saab, Electrolux, The BBC, ITV, Lowes, Channel 4, Channel 5, Film Four, NRK, Viasat (Scandinavia), Turquoise Branding, NRK (Norway), TV3 (Sweden), A.R.T. (Saudi Arabia)

The Awards

Industry awards include – D&AD, BDA, Design Week

Saab 9-2X

Saab Destination

Saab DNA

Saab Whitewater

Saab Mindrace

Saab Mindrace Ver 2


Electrolux Built-In

Electrolux Arthur Martin

Mansfield Park Titles

Pre-visualisation Film 1

Pre-visualisation Film 1 Camera

Pre-visualisation Film 2

Pre-visualisation Film 2 Camera

Animatic - Electrolux Built-In