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The Talent

Award winning Director Robert Butcher loves filming cars.

After studying photography and illustration at art school, Robert enjoyed a very successful early career as an Art Director and Creative Director, developing concepts and overseeing shoots. Most campaigns were for automotive or IT companies.

Now Robert is a highly acclaimed film director, working on many award-winning TV commercials, films for live events, permanent installations and brand experiences.
Robert’s speciality is creating powerful highly visual films, often projected onto big ‘cinema’ style screens and accompanied by especially composed soundtracks.

On many of these projects, Robert also works as the Creative Director liaising with lighting and environment designs to create a harmonious and seamless experience.

The International Work

Most of Western Europe, USA,  Japan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Argentina, Israel, West Africa, South Africa, Canada

The Clients

Volkswagen, Bentley, Landrover, Volvo, Honda, Nissan, Seat, Microsoft, O2, British Telecom, Orange, BBC, HSBC, British Airways, Macau Tourist Board, Marks and Spencer

The Awards

Industry awards include – 8 Golds, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze, 12 Craft Awards

Power and Glory

Land Rover

Land Rover

VW Phaeton

Seat Leon


Nissan 350Z

Honda Accord

VW Motorshow

Corporation of London

United Arab Emirates

Spirit of Macau

VW Phaeton

BT Case Study

Norwich Union